The Second Generation Approaches… (and a little update)

A couple of weeks later, Sophia and Connor decide the time is right to try for a baby. Sophia has been pining for a child and now Connor, too, wants a little one of his own. Thus, that same night Connor and Sophia try for a child before going to bed. The woohoo was successful and the baby chimes play in the background. I begin making preparations immediately. Sophia and Connor are hoping for a baby boy.

Update: Also, I forgot to mention that Connor’s traits are: hopeless romantic, artistic, bookworm, ambitious, and family oriented. His lifetime wish is to be a professional author and he is in the journalism profession – now at level 4. He will be the author of the family and write all of the novels telling the Dreamweaver family’s story until his death. Currently, his writing skill is at level 8. Sophia is going to be a stay-at-home mom for now and work on completing her lifetime wish. Her cooking skill is at level 8.

Anyway, here are pictures of Sophia’s pregnancy:


The morning after they woohoo’d, Sophia was reading out on the balcony when she started feeling nauseous. Look at her poor face!


Moments later, she ran to the bathroom and vomited. This made the toilet very dirty. 


The next day, Sophia had a revelation: she was pregnant. Immediately upon this realization, Sophia ran to tell her Connor the news. In this picture, Connor is listening to Sophia’s stomach.


After being told the news, Connor felt Sophia’s stomach and thought about the life within it. Don’t ask me why, maybe it’s because he’s a writer, but Connor likes to think about these things often.


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